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Sori for Violoncello and Live-Electronics

Sori for Violoncello and Live-Electronics

음악 정보
작곡가 이돈응 작품연도 1989년
카테고리 양악- 전자음악


This work intends to take the characteristic sound of the cello. For this particular purpose, the composer used the four open strings of the cello tuned in perfect fifths by the 2:3 frequency rate and their natural harmonics as the primary sound structure. This frequency rate is also used as the basic element for the temporal procedures.

The overall frequency rate of each open strings, tuned in perfect fifth, is 8:12:18:27(C:G:D:A), and the time ratio of the vibration period is set in inverse proportion to the frequency rate. It is the rate of the numbers of vibration and temporal periods that all the rhythmic progressions and the formal structure as well as the performance oder of the strings are determined. Those rhythms and pitches are manipulated through the entire piece along with the electronic high-technology, repeating expansion and contraction in 2:3 ratio of the fifth. The audience will hear electronically enlarged spectrum along with the natural overtone spectrum produced by the cello.

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창작연도 : 2008
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